Thursday, June 10, 2010


So I have been addicted to paper crafts for years now and thought how cool would it be to have a site where you could see projects from all over Canada.

I am Searching for 2 members from each Province & Territories for a total of 26 members.If I can not find 2 for each of them we will pick additional ones from other Provinces and or Territories.The goal is to have a wide variety of inspiration, techniques and projects all in one spot.

Each month there will be a theme or season for the members to fallow example: first month would be a project for “welcome or hello” So each member will take into their own could be anything from a welcome sign to a hello card design.
The projects will have to be something that was created just for “The Canadian Paper Trail “ theme/challenge.

There will be a post with 1-3 pictures for your project along with a description on what you used and how you made it . Videos are also welcome . There will be your individual blog linked to your project to encourage more followers.

There will be a new project posted by a different member Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturdays.

Once The Design team is complete I will pay to have the blog professionally designed! I will also have buttons designed for your blogs.

The bigger this blog site becomes the more interest you will have on your own personal blog .
This blog is not intended to sell any products such as … Stampin’ up , make the cut software or sure cuts a lot software and so on, It is simply meant for sharing projects and inspiration.

However, You can mention you use these products for your project and refer people to your blog for more information.

Each project will be copyrighted to each individual designer and will not in any way be property of “the Canadian Paper Trail” blog

Other Exciting things the blog will have is
Product and website Reviews from design team members experiences.
A gallery of the designers projects.
A page with all info on the design teams information blogs, websites and etsy shops.
And contests giveaways and challenges for followers in the future!!

If this is something you would be interested in please email
With the fallowing; - Your name and where you are from- 2 pictures of past projects - your blog information
I would also love to hear your ideas and input so feel free to email those to me as well.


  1. hey this sounds cool... I will try to make something this weekend for you.. Laura

  2. Thanks Laura ,

    You dont need to make a project just for this you can just send a few pics and your blog info to the email listed there , Hope to hear from you I am getting so excited with all of the people interested :) Thanks Again

  3. This is an incredible idea! I can't wait to see what people come up with up!